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PVTLocker is the world’s first advanced defi-token locker that prevents Investors from rugpulls and offers a solid solution for project owners to lock up and distribute tokens.

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Token Locker

Lock up the tokens for private sale and give the community the security it needs.


Easy handling of tokens with safe-drop or safe-claim function.


Project Owners can simply deposit the tokens into our locker and release them in their desired time for launch using safe-drop or safe-claim.

Simple Innovation

Our vision is to make this industry a better and safer place for every investors. 

Secure Storage

Our Locker will hold all the private sale tokens until launch.

Safu Claim

Investors can safely claim their tokens after the lock-up period expires.

Full Protection

The tokens inside the locker can not be manipulated by anyone.

Safu Drop

Project Owners can bulk-send the tokens of the community with simply one click.

Securing Investors

Show legitmacy and use our KYC Service.

Secure KYC

Our KYC service makes it possible to declare legitimacy.

Full Protection

Unless the project owners rug, disappear or intentionally harm investors, their personal data is stored on a special secured server and will not be released.

Token utility

Project owners and private-sale investors need to buy and hold a certain amount of PVTL Tokens in order to be able to use our platform.

Longterm Vision

Our goal is to improve the functionalities and become the most used early seed stage or private stage fundraising platform!

Token Distribution

Tokenomics designed to succeed.

Name Type Symbol Platform Total Supply Taxes
Binance Smart Chain
1,000,000,000 PVTL
Buy/Sell 10%

Pvtsale: 1BNB = 2’200’000 PVTL Tokens


We offer Solutions

PVTLocker is the world’s first advanced defi-token locker which create the perfect win-win solution for the community and project owners.

– Worry free investing for the community.

– Stress free environment for the team.

PVTLocker allows project owners to lock up the tokens owned by the community instead of holding them unlocked in their wallets while the private sale investors can easily claim their tokens in the same way as every presale participant has been doing on dxsale or pinksale. 

Whether you choose safe-drop or safe-claim the process is simple, fast and 100% secure.

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